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Why choose us for your bathroom design

The bathroom designers at Bathroom Fitters Worcester have vast experience in interior design and we can help put down your dream bathroom on paper. Then you can actually walk into a bathroom that is an oasis of inspiration, uplifting and one you have always imagined. We will also help you save you a lot of time, stay within budget and generally ease the anxiety that comes with designing a bathroom.

Bathrooms are a unique space and we all have this idea in our minds of what our perfect bathroom would look like. During bathroom construction or remodelling, bringing this design to life might seem daunting but this is where a good bathroom designer comes in. A tastefully designed bathroom makes a statement about you and gives you a hub for relaxation.

What Bathroom Function Are You Looking For?​

To meet your specific requirements, our bathroom designers pay a lot of attention to the bathroom itself and the features you would like installed. We first ask questions that help us understand how many people will be using the bathroom, how much space we are working with and what are your particular needs. Do you want a spa-like experience right in your bathroom or do you want a simple functional bathroom? With this information, we can then narrow down the options and further refine the bathroom idea. At this point, we will start to establish if your home is best suited for a beautiful functional walk-in bathroom or if you can have a bathroom retreat with cosy fittings.

Getting into the specifics

With these basics covered, our bathroom designers get into specifics such as the colour scheme you wish for your bathroom and the materials you find appealing. We look into what design concept features in regard to the fittings. Do you want a separate bathtub and shower or maybe both? We also find out your bathroom storage needs as this helps us design a setup that fits all your towels and toiletries efficiently without taking away from the mood of the bathroom.

Tilling, flooring &basin designs

Our bathroom designers will start to establish the floor and wall tiles that jell with your preferred colour scheme. We also map out the ideal materials based on style and budget. At this point, we will start going in-depth about the ceramic options that complete the design concept. We look into your preferred washbasin and we have a host of options that match your style. Are you looking for an oval, square or round basin? Should it have a vanity or stand-alone?  

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Bathtub and shower design

Finally, we come to perhaps the most important bit which is the bathtub or shower. Space definitely comes into play here but our bathroom designers believe there is no reason why you should not enjoy an invigorating bath after a long workday. We can guide you through special bathtub models that do not take up a lot of space such as the narrow end bathtubs. A bathtub shower combination would be applicable in this scenario to compensate for space. On the other hand, if you have a lot of space to work with, your options are endless. You could have big bathtubs and showers which can be separated into two different relaxation areas. You also have freedom with elements such as the cabinets, washbasins and you could even add nature into your bathroom with some exotic trees or flowers.


Note that this is just but a rough outline of what the bathroom design process would look like. At Worcester Bathroom Fitters, we are big on individuality therefore the design process will be personalized so you can get the best experience and eventually get the bathroom you have always wanted. 

Toilet design

We also look into the toilet setup. Would you prefer the traditional bowl and cistern? Or a modern design such as a wall-mounted bowl with the cistern behind the wall? It is worth mentioning the bathroom fittings we have for these have exceptional water-saving capabilities and allow for easy cleaning.

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