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Wetroom Installation

A shower might at times not be your preferred option and this is where a wetroom can come in handy. Wetrooms are really stylish and do not take up much space if that is a key consideration. 

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Why choose us as Wetroom Installation

Wetrooms are essentially shower spaces that have no shower tray to step over and are at the same level as the bathroom floor. Wetrooms have no proper distinction between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom therefore the room itself forms the cubicle. They might have a glass door sometimes but the flooring is generally the same. Maximum waterproofing to prevent leaks or water damage is crucial for a wetroom. 

At Worcester Bathroom Fitters, we have a pool of designers and installers who can plan out the ideal wetroom making it stylish and potentially increasing the value of your home.

Wet Room Installation worcester

Benefits a Wetroom Provides

Wetrooms have many benefits and the most significant is the functionality they provide for older people or people with disabilities. Wetrooms allow accessibility for wheelchairs and bars or rails can easily be installed to provide stability. Wetrooms make a bathroom even with limited space very stylish and cosy. Great fitting designs such as washbasins, toilets and faucets can add a dash of glamour. For those living in apartments in Worcester, wetrooms are a great option considering that they are very easy to clean. Wetrooms have to be waterproofed extensively. The floor, walls and even the ceiling should not get into contact with water lest leaks or water damage occurs. This element protects the rest of your home from leaks and the overall value of your property goes up when you decide to move or sell the house.

Difference between a wetroom and shower

Compared to a shower, a wetroom is a very open space and the floor is not separated from the rest of the room. A glass shower screen is sometimes installed for aesthetic purposes or to enhance a feel of separation but the flooring remains the same. While you can fit a bathtub, most wetrooms do not feature a bathtub especially those designed to maximize space.

Considerations before Choosing a wet room

Drainage is a key factor when installing a wetroom therefore this is something we look out for especially if you would like to install a wetroom on the upper floors. If the wetroom is being designed for an elderly person or someone with a disability, safety and accessibility ought to be prioritized. This means bars or rails around the toilet and shower should be installed for support and a reasonable seat might be required. The flooring should not only have good waterproofing abilities but should be non-slip as well. 

Since wetrooms are minimalistic and need to be open, you might have to be comfortable eliminating drawers and vanities.

Waterproofing and drain installation

Waterproofing is the most important aspect of a wetroom thus the surface used to line it should be sound. Waterproofing a wetroom is done through a process called tanking so the floor or walls should not be loose in any way. While flooring options such as ceramic, porcelain and even stone have great waterproof properties. They are simply not enough to handle the volume of water in a wetroom. 

Tanking is therefore done by applying the surface with a primer or gel membrane then the tile or slab is layered onto it. This process is even done on the walls and the ceiling might have to be tiled since all wetroom surfaces are susceptible to moisture. 

The lowest point of the floor is then selected where the drain is installed. The water needs to be channelled towards an outside wall where a drain that leads to the manhole is installed. 


Wetrooms are really trendy and aesthetic. With the right fittings to complement the tiles and colour scheme, you could have your own spa at home. Worcester Bathroom Fitters are the preferred wetroom installers in Worcester and we go through the installation process in detail leaving no room for error. We understand that poor installation of a wetroom is detrimental therefore all installers have been carefully vetted and received extensive training. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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