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 Investing in a beautiful floor is one way of sprucing up your bathroom and it can make a big difference in aesthetic.

Regardless of your space or budget, we at Worcester Bathroom Fitters can install impeccable bathroom floors and you get a wide variety of designs to choose from. We also help you pick the best materials that you will find affordable and still complement your style.

Types Of Bathroom Floors

It is important to spend some time sifting through the different options you have when it comes to your bathroom floor. You want to settle on a design that suits your style and still provides functionality. 

Some of the Bathroom Floor materials you could use include:


Tiles, especially ceramic or porcelain have been time-tested for years and still rank among the best bathroom materials you can use. Tiles are waterproof and come in different colors. Tiles are also inexpensive and they are a great option even for the shower floor. Tiles can however become cold especially during the winter months but this can be reversed by floor heating. They also tend to be slippery when wet but modern designs are now textured to make them non-slip.

Natural Stone Tiles

Stone Tiles provide an elegant finish to your bathroom and options range from granite to marble. These tiles provide similar benefits to ceramic tiles such as solid water-proofing. The difference however is, stone tiles can be very expensive considering they are limited and there is an extraction process behind them. The tiles also require a skilled professional to install such as the specialists at Worcester Bathroom Fitters who have vast experience handling and flooring stone tiles.

Vinyl Floors

These floors are rapidly growing in popularity especially the Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) and Stone Polymer Core (SPC). These floors not only provide durability and water-proof features but also mimic stone or hardwood. The core material for a WPC floor would be Wood while for SPC is Stone.

Stained Concrete

The process for these types of floors involves finishing and sealing the concrete directly. Having your concrete stained is not very costly and it can provide a very unique design. However, concrete can get cold during the winter months and very slippery since the concrete is thoroughly polished.

Water-Proof Bathroom Flooring

While floor design is what most homeowners in Worcester are after, functionality is very important. Your bathroom floor is inevitably going to get wet from the splashes, spills and wet feet or sandals.

The safety of your bathroom should be the priority. Having non-slip elements is critical in preventing any accidents.

A Water-Proof or Water-Resistant bathroom floor is also crucial to ensure you enjoy your bathroom for a long time. Water- Proof materials completely prevent water or moisture from going through and thus prevents the growth of mold or mildew on the bathroom floor. Water-Resistant materials do prevent water from going through the floor but the water should be wiped off otherwise it seeps causing damage. In the long term, Water-Proof materials are often a better choice because water-resistant materials eventually break underwater. Damages are likely to be irreparable and a replacement is the only option. You should therefore save yourself the extra cost and have a bespoke, water-proof bathroom floor installed by Worcester Bathroom Fitters for extended durability.


No, bathroom floors can be water-proof, water-resistant or have non of these qualities. While some floors typically used in other parts of your house can be used in the bathroom. Special treatment is required to prevent water damage, mold or rot.

You can use the same material as your bathroom floor. What matters most is the floor provides water-proof elements and you like the design.

This really depends on your taste and budget. If you have a tight budget, you can go for Ceramic tiles or Vinyl Floors as they are durable and still look amazing.