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Case Study: Bathroom Remodel WR5, Yarrow Road

Bathroom Remodel Worcester

A landlord in the WR5 area, contacted us the other day looking to renovate his apartment with new bathroom fittings. He mentioned the current bathroom flooring needed to be remodelled as the wooden floor had been worn down. 

After navigating the Monday morning traffic in Worcester, we popped by the apartments along Yarrow Close to finalize the details. After an in-depth discussion with the landlord regarding the bathroom scheme and materials to be used, we contacted our bathroom fitting suppliers to procure the resources we needed. 

We first started by uprooting the current fittings and the wooden flooring. Since space was limited, we installed an acrylic bathtub along the wall which would also serve as the shower. We fixed some faucets along the wall and a detachable showerhead unit. The shower/bathtub combination was enclosed in a transparent glass door. The sink was also made of acrylic material and we installed it near the window with a simple vanity below. The toilet was made from ceramic and fitted cosily on the corner. Once the fittings were in place, we fitted light grey, ceramic tiles on the walls and floor. Ceramic tiles are very durable and hardwearing against water. To give the illusion of a larger space and minimize a busy feel, we cut the tiles into neat rectangular shapes. The colour and shape of the tiles allowed light to bounce across easily, giving the bathroom an airy, bespoke finish. Once everything was completed, we cleaned up everything and left the space to dry.