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How Long Does It Take to Fit a Bathroom

bath and toiler fitting

Giving an exact timeline of how long your bathroom installation will take might be tricky as several variables affect the time. The project scope, for instance, is a major factor that affects costs and the time it takes to fit a bathroom.  From our experience though, fitting a bathroom usually takes us 7 working days to complete, which includes the typical: plumbing, tilling, electric’s, new flooring, new walls etc. and this would be with a four person team.

However, as there is a correlation between your approach to fit a bathroom and the time it takes, giving specific hours is almost too hard for most projects as there are so many variables. We will look into different variables and their effect on the timeframe. We also offer useful suggestions that will enable you to plan accordingly and ensure the project timelines are not extended unnecessarily.

Factors Determining How Long a Bathroom Installation Takes


Whether you are hiring a bathroom installation company or you are taking on the project yourself, experience is a major factor that will determine the time it will take to fit a bathroom. If you or the bathroom fitting company is highly experienced, then you can expect to walk into your refurbished bathroom fairly quickly, as stated previously we aim to fit a bathroom from top to bottom in 7 working days. But this can be a lot less if it is a smaller bathroom with less requirements.

The Personnel Fitting the Bathroom

Are you planning to DIY your bathroom or do you intend to hire professional bathroom fitters?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both but your choice determines time. Segueing from the previous point, experience is critical if you would like to DIY and you are crunched for time. There are a lot of moving parts in a bathroom installation and you might have to account for resources you do not have. Unless you have extensive experience in different facets of construction, there is a possibility you will be bringing in other professionals such as electricians if the project demands.

Hiring tradesmen is also a valid option and if you find the right one, you can expect the project to run smoothly and save time. For this approach to work, you will need to have the right professionals lined up and all the materials needed should be available on-demand for seamless fitting.

While you might not save on costs, hiring good bathroom fitters will save you the guesswork and alleviate the stress that comes with trying to source tools or resources. If you find an all-inclusive company such as us at Worcester Bathroom Fitters, you can have a massive load lifted off your shoulders considering we bring in other professionals. This eliminates the need to manage all the other professionals.

The complexity of the Renovation

This is perhaps the most determinant factor of the time it takes to fit a bathroom. The duration to complete the bathroom will increase or decrease based on the complexity of the project.

For example, if you are looking to renovate your bathroom by creating a replica of the previous layout only with modern designs, then the project should not take much time. If, however, if you intend to alter the layout or fit your bathroom with intricate designs, shower cubicles and bathtubs, then the time period might go up.

In some instances,  you can also expect costs to rise since more tradesmen such as bathroom designers might be brought in to help achieve the desired look. Some bathroom renovations call for shifts in the pipework to accommodate the new layout. When fixtures such as a bathtub or toilet are moved, the plumbing has to change and new waste pipes will be installed. This might be a messy affair, considering you or the professionals fitting the bathroom will be drilling holes in the walls.

Complex renovations expose the challenges inexperienced DIYer’s face since finding and using tools such as a drill might be daunting. If you have a boiler or central heating system in the bathroom, you will need to bring it down and finalize the other fittings before reinstalling it.

If the positioning changes, then components such as the flue and pipework will need to be rerouted. You or your fitting company might not have the authority to handle the boiler unless you are Gas Safe Registered.