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Cost of a Bathroom Fitting in the UK

Renovating a bathroom can be a big undertaking. Before going into it, it’s always a good idea to have a sense of how much this will cost in order for you to find the perfect bathroom installer for you requirements.

We will break down an average bathroom fitting for 3 different budgets depending on how much you want to do in your bathroom. If you are looking for a quick answer we estimate that a bathroom fitting/renovation in the UK for 2021 is between £1900 and £7400. However, it’s a good idea to read on as this can vary a lot. All prices listed are based on prices for 2021 in the UK. It’s important to note that prices might vary depending on location.

Pick a budget

Before asking for quotes from different fitters, it’s important to determine the size of the job you will want. Do you want to replace a toilet and wash basin in a small bathroom or are you looking to give your bathroom a complete makeover? Also keep in mind the size of the bathroom you will be working on. Setting the project you will want to embark on will determine the budget you’ll set. This will make the difference between a budget of £2000 to one of £15000. 

Let’s break these budgets down

A simple budget will be replacing the toilet, basin, shower or bath for a similar model (meaning you don’t need to replace any pipes. It’s a simple update for broken pieces

A medium budget would entail replacing old fixtures for a newer model, replacing the bath panel, new tiles and adding new elements like an extractor fan or a towel radiator

A luxury budget is a complete makeover with fancy new elements. Total replasing of previous fixtures, adding underfloor heating, sophisticated lighting, a bidet or fitting his-and-her washbasins.

Now that we know what type of job we want to do, let’s go into what bathroom fitting budget. Its normally divided into 4 categories: Suite, tiling, labour and extras

Using these categories, here is an overview of 3 possible scenarios, a 2×2 small bathroom on a simple budget, a 3×3 medium bathroom on a medium budget and a 4×4 large bathroom on a luxury budget.


Suite costs

This part of the budget entails the cost of the new fixtures, their installation, removal of old ones and their disposal

The cost of a new suite instalment will range between £700 to £2600 for a small bathroom. Most fitting companies will offer you to buy the fixtures for you since they usually have connections with providers who will sell them for a lower price. However, this is one element where you can drive the price down if you do a good level of research and look for the fixtures yourself. As well, usually the price of removing all fixture will be included in your budget but if you want to do it yourself or hire a separate company who will do this for you at a lower price, you might be able to save a few pounds

Tiling costs

With most bathroom fittings, new tile will need to be put in. Even if you are doing a simple switch out of fixtures, is your floor is tiled workers will probably need to break the existing tile and add new ones for the proper installation

If you are not looking to change the look of your bathroom you won’t have to buy much, tiling will cost you around £300 or even lower if you get a good deal. For a total floor to ceiling retiling, expect to pay around £1000. We are not including the cost of labor here, just buying the tiles and materials for the installing

Labour costs

The cost of labour will depend on the time your renovation will take and the amount of people working in your bathroom

For a small bathroom, you can expect to spend between £800 to £3000. If you are looking to change the placement of the fixtures like the bathtub or toilet, this will require rerouting the pipes, which i’ll markup the price of labour. The same will happen if you want to do some luxurious add-in like heated floors or special lighting since you will need to hire an electrician as well as plumbers. 

A simple renovation at a simple budget can take from 2 to 5 days, medium  budgets usually lasting up to 7 days and a luxury renovation can take up to 3 weeks. Again, always depending on how much work needs to be done

Extra costs

In any kind of budget, it’s good to include the cost of extras, as you will very likely have to buy a little more here and there to complete the job. You might run out of tile and have to  buy more, have to change some pipes that are too old or pay for an extra day of work. We recommend you budget from £100 to £800 over just to be sure the job can be done properly


Altogether, we estimate the average price of a bathroom renovation in the UK for 2021 is between £1900 and £7400. 

There are other costs that can be included into your budget, if you are looking to do a total makeover, like hiring a designer, detail work or updating the plumbing

If you are looking to do a bathroom fitting in your house and you live in the Worcester area, we recommend you get in touch with us at Bathroom Fitters Worcester for a quote. We are a very respectable company who will delivery quality work at a competitive price

Similarly, if you want to bring the price down and feel confident with doing some of the work yourself, you can check out this article that gives detailed instructions on how to do it yourself