Cost of a Bathroom Fitting in the UK

Renovating a bathroom can be a big undertaking. Before going into it, it’s always a good idea to have a sense of how much this will cost in order for you to find the perfect bathroom installer for you requirements. We will break down an average bathroom fitting for 3 different budgets depending on how […]

How Long Does It Take to Fit a Bathroom

bath and toiler fitting

Giving an exact timeline of how long your bathroom installation will take might be tricky as several variables affect the time. The project scope, for instance, is a major factor that affects costs and the time it takes to fit a bathroom. ¬†From our experience though, fitting a bathroom usually takes us 7 working days […]

Case Study: Bathroom Remodel WR5, Yarrow Road

Bathroom Remodel Worcester

A landlord in the WR5 area, contacted us the other day looking to renovate his apartment with new bathroom fittings. He mentioned the current bathroom flooring needed to be remodelled as the wooden floor had been worn down.  After navigating the Monday morning traffic in Worcester, we popped by the apartments along Yarrow Close to […]

Case study – Bathroom Fitting (WR2 Worcester)

shower fitting worcester

About a month ago, we got a call from a landlord in Worcester near the WR2 area. He was in process of renovating his 2 bedroom apartment and he needed his bathrooms fitted. He also expressed his interest n our bathroom designer services for suitable designs and layouts for the apartment.¬† We went over to […]